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How to warm a cold animal

Cold = death in nature - especially with babies

Warm slowly- 

Here are three different options for warming animals:​

1- Place a heating pad set on “low” half way UNDER the box - the heat needs to remain constant- if the heating pad has an automatic shut off then you will have to check every two hours to turn the heating pad back on.


2- Take a large sock and fill it half way with rice- tie a knot- heat- (not too hot! if the heat hurts you it will hurt them) - then place under a cloth by the animal -

this method of heating is temporary - reheat sock every 30-45 min.  


3- Take plastic bottle filled with hot water and wrapped in a cloth in the box.


Containing the Animal

Pick up the animal gently with gloves on, or use a thick soft cloth. 

Place animal in a small box with soft cloth on the bottom. Secure lid and create ventilation.

The containment box can be plastic or cardboard.

Place the box in a quiet, dark room. DO NOT give food or water.


It is very important to cover the box containing the animal, and keep it in a quiet place until you can transport it to a licensed rehabilitator or a veterinarian. It is very stressful for animals to be in captivity and they can chew through cardboard. Transport them as quickly and quietly as possible for a successful rescue. 

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