Found an Orphaned or Injured Wild Animal?

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Opossums breed twice a year, and babies can be found from February – September. An average litter contains 8 to 13 babies.


Rabbits nest from March through September and can have a litter every 28 days. The average litter contains four to five babies.


Chipmunks are often caught by cats or dogs, or they may survive being hit by a car. These animals need to be rescued.


It is common to encounter baby birds in the spring and summer. As the little birds learn to fly, they spend a lot of time on the ground.


Gray squirrels nest twice a year, in late winter and summer. They commonly have litters of three or four pups.

Additional Wildlife Resources

We only endorse humane and well-informed wildlife specialists in the Triangle area.


Fawns are born April – July, with the majority born in June.

Rabies Vector Animals

Raccoons, Foxes, Bats, Skunks and other Rabies Vector Species (RVS) require advanced training and the handler to be inoculated for rabies.