Support the Clinic

Your donation to Our Wild Neighbors will help provide:

  • Life-saving emergency medical care to sick, injured, and orphaned wild animals;

  • Care, feeding, and rehabilitation for wildlife patients during their recovery, and ongoing care;

  • Support for our outreach programs that help individuals to be good stewards of their environment and true friends to wildlife.


Non-Cash Donations:

  • Rodent Block: these are vitamin biscuits that are very good for squirrels who are learning to eat solid foods. They can be found at Chris’s

  • We go through a great deal of baby formulas for squirrels, opossums, and other orphaned wild baby animals. These include: Fox Valley Milk Replacer Day One 25/30 and Fox Valley Milk Replacer Day One 20/50. These are always in need.

  • Heating pads (can be gently used) that do not have automatic shut off.

  • Bleach, unscented laundry detergent, hand soap refills, paper towels, Isopropyl 70% (rubbing) alcohol,

  • If you don't want to do any shopping, we can always use credit card or PayPal donations (link to the right) or an Amazon gift card is always useful for purchasing household supplies such as those listed above that we need year round to keep the center going and the babies warm, clean, and fed.


​You can have items shipped directly to the center at:

Our Wild Neighbors, 1705 Old State Highway 10 - OR - 1705 Old NC 10, Hillsborough, NC 27278 USA (depending on the shipping company, one or the other street address may be accepted or preferred).

You can also drop any non-cash donations by the center and leave them on our covered porch. When doing this, please call or text us at 919-428-0896 to let us know so we can make sure your gifts don't sit on the porch for more than a few minutes!


Interested in donating your TIME at Our Wild Neighbors? Volunteer!

As a non-profit organization, Our Wild Neighbors is completely dependent on the help of volunteers and couldn't exist without the help of many dedicated and caring individuals. As a volunteer, you can help our local wildlife in many different ways depending on your interests, availability, and the needs of the center; from cleaning cages and feeding babies, to organizing fundraising events, to building outdoor animal enclosures, to helping with yard work, or even keeping up with social media, there are always plenty of tasks to be seen to.

To find out more about our center and the current volunteer opportunities, please call us at 919-428-0896, or complete a volunteer application here and we will contact you soon about training schedules.