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About Our Wild Neighbors (OWN)

Our Wild Neighbors (OWN) is a wildlife rehabilitation center dedicated to the

rehabilitation and release of injured and orphaned wildlife, and the education

of the community to live in balance with our environment.

OWN was formed by volunteer licensed wildlife rehabilitators and wildlife

enthusiasts. It is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that cares for orphaned and

injured wildlife in Hillsborough, North Carolina and the surrounding counties. The

OWN Wildlife Rehabilitation Center is staffed entirely by dedicated volunteers. The

center is supported solely through donations from the public. It receives no city,

county, state, or federal funding. Donations are optional when dropping off animals

at the center.

OWN is dedicated to the care of orphaned and injured wildlife by:

  • Providing professional medical care and treatment

  • Meeting the complete dietary and housing needs as appropriate to each species

  • Supervising the complicated and delicate process of integration and release of

      animals back into their natural habitat

OWN is active in the community as educators and advisers:

  • School programs are available to introduce children to urban wildlife and safety

  • OWN rehabilitators attend local events to increase awareness and educate the public

  • OWN provides articles on wildlife care and safety that are printed in three newspapers

  • Programs are offered to businesses and adult groups

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